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       Welcome, I am Pastor Deiserae Stansbury and I am one of  the pastors at The Life Center Church, where Apostle R.L. Jackson is Senior Pastor along with Lady Theresa Jackson, Co-Pastor.  The Life Center Church is located at 401 7th Ave., @33rd St., NY, NY  10001. I am a domestic violence survivor.  I was married to an abusive man for 14yrs.  I have two beautiful boys from that marriage, ages 15 & 20.  I can’t say that the marriage started out good, because it didn’t. 
     It started to get abusive the 2nd year of our marriage.  The abuse gradually escalated from verbal abuse through emotional abuse and then physical abuse.  He abused me to control me, that is what abuse is all about, not anger! 
     I remember when Apostle R.L. Jackson told me, I didn't have to stay in a relationship with a man abusing me, and that God didn't desire that for anyone.  When the Apostle said that, my ex-husband lost the power I gave him, because I began to take back control of my life.  I went from being a victim to being a victor, not only surviving but thriving.
     I have recently re-married and began my new life, my husband is not just a man but a man of God.  My life has truly been transformed!  My husband treats me like a lady and he loves me and my children.  God has been good to me and has blessed me tremendously.  Now God wants me to take what I’ve learned and touch other lives and cause transformation to come to them. 
    Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth AS TOUCHING any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.  Matt 18:19 KJV
Remember if you want to change your living you have to change your thinking.
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Pastor Deiserae Stansbury on Domestic Violence 2 - Being Free
This 7min video speaks about being free from abuse.  God expects us to live life in abundance and seek Him as our source. Watch this video and be blessed.
This website was designed with you in mind, maybe you're a woman who is in a domestic violence relationship and not sure you're in one, or maybe you're a woman who's coming out of a relationship and want to know what comes next or maybe you're just a woman who's thinking about leaving the relationship.  In all cases, I hope that you gather all the information you need to make the right decisions for your life.  As you navigate through this site, visit "The Matrix", "About us" and "The Abuser Profile" pages.  Even if you're not a woman in an abusive relationship I believe those pages will benefit your life!  If something has sparked your curiosity in any of these pages, you can go to the "contact us" page and we'll be there to help you.